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All About Me Google Slides
Student Instructions


Create a Google Slides Show Presentation containing 10 slides about you.  Use the information below as your guide for the information to include on each slide.

Slide #1 – Title Slide – “All About Me

                 Sub Title – Your name

Slide #2 – Family – Use shapes for each member of your family

Slide #3 – Childhood – Birthday/Schools Attended/ Funny story about your childhood or favorite memory

Slide #4 – What Was Happening the year you were born– list at least 4 things that happened in the world when you were born. News Events, TV Shows, Games, Toys, Foods, Fashions, etc. You may use the Internet to research the year.

Slide #5 – Favorite Things - Color/Foods/Music/Classes/Sports/Hobbies

Slide #6 – Something You Don’t Know About Me – list at least one thing that we do not know about you. If you cannot think of anything, tell us something that makes you special or unique.

Slide #7 – My Future Plans – What do you want to be when you grow up?

You must follow these simple rules!

  • No more than three different fonts on a slide

  • No more than 5 pictures on a slide

  • You are NOT allowed to add music, sound clips, or animations to this project

  • You must have 10 slides

  • You can use Transitions between slides