Media Balance/Well Being


I can:

  • Examine both in-person and online responsibilities.

  • Describe the Rings of Responsibility as a way to think about how my behavior affects myself and others.

  • Identify examples of online responsibilities to others.

Essential Question:

How do good digital citizens take responsibility for themselves, their communities, and their world?

Watch the following two videos as the drop of water and a stone are dropped into the water:

What do these circles remind you of?

A duty you have to yourself or others.

Watch the following video:

  • Self: The center ring represents responsibilities you have to yourself, such as keeping yourself safe and healthy.

  • Community: The middle ring stands for responsibilities you have to your community, including the people you know and interact with on a regular basis. This can include both friends and family. But it can also include people you don't know well, but with whom you interact with (e.g., grocery store clerks, a friend in an online gaming community, etc.).

  • World: The outer ring stands for your responsibilities to the larger world. This would include people you don't know but whom your actions might affect.