News & Media Literacy


I can:

  • Define "copyright" and explain how it applies to creative work.

  • Describe my rights and responsibilities as creators.

  • Apply copyright principles to real-life scenarios.

Essential Question:

What rights and responsibilities do you have as a creator?

Play the Digital Passport game, "Mix-n-Mash," below to learn about giving proper credit to artists:

Legal protection that creators have over the things they create.

Here are some important terms and their proper usage:

"Ask and Attribute" means that before you use a photo online, you should:

  • "Ask" what kind of copyright license a photo has and whether you need permission to use it, and

  • If the license allows you to use it, make sure to "Attribute" it to it's creator.

To figure out what type of license an image has:

  • Do a reverse image search to try to find the original creator of the image.

  • If the photo has a regular copyright, email or get ahold of the creator to ask permission.