Privacy & Security


I can:

  • Identify the reasons why people share information about themselves online.

  • Explain the difference between private and personal information.

  • Explain why it is risky to share private information online.

Essential Question:

What information about you is OK to share online?

Play the Digital Passport game, "Share Jumper," below to learn about posting on the internet:

Watch the video below about information sharing:

Things to think about:

  • What type of information about you is okay to share?

  • What type isn’t?

Remember, PRIVATE information should NEVER be shared without your parents' permission!

Examples of information:

  • age (personal)

  • home address (private)

  • email address (private)

  • date of birth (private)

  • favorite music (personal)

  • how many brothers and sisters you have (personal)

  • phone numbers (private)

  • credit card information (private)

  • favorite food (personal)

  • name of your pet (personal)

  • name of your school (private)