Relationships & Communication


I can:

  • Define "social interaction" and give an example.

  • Describe the positives and negatives of social interaction in online games.

  • Create an online video game cover that includes guidelines for positive social interaction.

Essential Question:

How can I help myself and others be positive and have fun while playing games online?

Social Interactions

Talking or messaging with people to develop friendship or community.

Digital Media

Information that comes to us through the internet, often through a tablet, smartphone, or laptop

Watch the video below to learn about good online game behavior:

  • What social interactions do you notice in the video?

  • Who talks to who?

  • What do they say?

  • Overall, would you say that the social interactions were mostly fun and positive?

  • Or mostly negative?

  • Why?

Irritating or angering people in video games by being mean, destructive, or cheating.