Relationships & Communication


I can:

  • Compare and contrast different kinds of online-only friendships.

  • Describe the benefits and risks of online-only friendships.

  • Describe how to respond to an online-only friend if the friend asks something that makes me uncomfortable.

Essential Question:

How do you keep online friendships safe?

There are different types on online friendships.

Here are examples friendships with strangers:

In Scenario 2, what's the best way for Sita to respond to her online friend?

  • Say it's a personal preference: "Sorry, I prefer not to give out information like that over the internet."

  • Change the subject: "Oh man, it better not rain today."

  • Say what really matters: "It doesn't matter what the name of my street is. What matters is that it's cool.

Private Information

Information about you that can be used to identify you because it's unique to you (e.g., your full name or your address)