Middle School Keyboarding Sites


Dance Mat Typing

Rags to Riches

Trivia questions about keyboarding

Super Hyper Spider Typer


Fowl Words

Combines language arts and keyboarding


Fowl Words 2

Key the words on the eggs before they fall


Typing Adventure

Key the words on the sharks before they reach your diver



Games, lessons, and timed tests


Typing Test


Learn 2 Type

Typing test



Timed tests—you choose the length


Nitro Type

Competitive typing race...this one is addictive!

Online Free Touch Typing

Keyboarding lessons, games, and tutorials


Ultimate Typing Championship
Watch videos of the fastest typists in competition and practice using the same text they use. (Note: You must be 18 to create an account, but you can practice alone at any age.)


Peter’s Online Typing Course


Word Games

Power Typing


Word Twist

Similar to Boggle

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